-Fall classes begin September 5 for PlayCAre/End December 22

-Fall classes begin September 11  for family classes/ Simply Music and kindermusik  End December 13

Make up day for Wednesday classes is December 20 at 9 and 10:00.  

Spring Classes begin January 3 and end

 May 18.

Important dates to remember:

No classes MEA 10/19 and 10/20

Thanksgiving Break 23 and 24

Make up day for Wednesday class 12/20 at 9 and 10:00

Christmas Break 12/23-January 2

Martin Luther King 1/15

Winter Break February 19-23

April 2-6

Our offerings for babies, toddlers,
preschoolers, young children, and adults include:

*Kindermusik music and movement classes For Parents and Children

*Simply Music Piano Lessons –

Kids through adult ( Group and Individual)

*Individual and Group Ukulele Kids to Adults (Guitar as well)

*Kindermusik Birthday Parties

*Kindermusik Playdates

*Kindermusik Big Kid Orff Classes full of rhythm, movement, singing, instruments

*Concordia Community Arts PLaycare

A licensed ChildCare program where music, play, school readiness, art and creativity come together for kids of all abilities 3 and 4  and 6 hour sessions/6 hour sessions are Available

(Tuesday/Thursday are full. Openings Fridays all day or half day.  Openings Monday and Wednesday pm classes)

Ages early threes to five (three before April 2018)

 Concordia Community ArtsPlay care

Classes at Pilgrim

Mondays 9:00 Our Time 3 and under Mondays 10:00 Our Time 0-5 mixed ages

Tuesdays 6:00 Our Time Mixed ages family

Classes at Concordia

Mondays 5:30  Our Time geared for 3 and under

Wednesdays 9:00 Our Time 3 and under Wednesdays 10 or 10-11:30 Our Time mixed ages 0-5

Remember to check out Playdates and Saturday class options!

Your Kindermusik Educator has over 25 years experience in Early Childhood and Early Childhood Special Education in the schools and privately.  She has taught Kindermusik 13 years and music lessons for 10 years. Your Educator brings a strong desire to serve and provide music for people of all abilities.


Classes are Taught at:

Concordia Lutheran Church 2501 Woodland Avenue, Duluth, Mn

Pilgrim Congregational Church 2310 E 4th Street,

Duluth, Mn